Tim Trott has always had a love for writing and teaching.  His first writing for publication came in High School when he wrote reports on a YMCA trip to Mexico, which were published in the local paper, The Orlando Sentinel. Fast forward to 2016, when a fascination with drones led to the purchase of a DJI Phantom 2, and writing about the experience in The Droner’s Guide, which was replaced by FAA Remote Pilot Study Guide a year later, and expanded to online training at TheDroneProfessor.com.  

Still on the aviation theme, Tim wrote about Kirby Grant, the star of the 1950’s television series, “Sky King” with Out of the Blue.  Tim became acquainted with Kirby through a mutual friend when the Grant family moved to Central Florida in 1971.

Tim is also involved with hosting and designing web sites, and has used that experience to write Guarding Against Online Identity Theft, with a Spanish translation, in 2022.  Now retired and living on Florida’s East Coast, and still staying with the non-fiction trend, T is for Treason traces the history of that topic from Benedict Arnold to the present day.