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Tim Trott has always had a love for writing and teaching.  ast forward to 2016, when his fascination with drones led to purchase of a DJI Phantom 2, and writing about the experience in The Droner’s Guide, which was replaced by FAA Remote Pilot Study Guide a year later, and expanded to online training at TheDroneProfessor.com.  

Still on the aviation theme, Tim wrote about Kirby Grant, the star of the 1950’s television series, “Sky King” in Out of the Blue.  Tim became acquainted with Kirby through a mutual friend when the Grant family moved to Central Florida in 1971.

Tim is also involved with hosting and designing web sites, and has used that experience to write Guarding Against Online Identity Theft, with a Spanish translation, in 2022.  Now retired and living on Florida’s East Coast, and still staying with the non-fiction trend, T is for Treason traces the history of that topic from Benedict Arnold to the present day.

The Application and Misapplication of the Charge of Treason Against the Tapestry of History.

T is for Treason is a brief guide to the history of treason from the time of Benedict Arnold to the present day. This book takes a fascinating look into how the crime of treason has been seen throughout U.S. history. Author Tim Trott is a masterful storyteller, weaving compelling tales from several historical threads to create a compelling tapestry.

Inside this book, you’ll find several stories that you may THINK you know, only to discover that you did not know some of the details or the more sordid elements. You may also find stories of treason that you have never heard before.


A brief overview of the history of treason in America

The real story of Benedict Arnold

What Richard Nixon was up to before his election

The story behind the story of Ronald Reagan

How George W. Bush became a “War President”

Donald Trump’s view of treason

The present danger treason presents in America

And a few other things...

This is the perfect book for anyone with even a mild interest in U.S. history, who might appreciate a short and compelling summary of the ways people in high places have worked to subvert the interests of their own country.

It has never been more important to understand the history of treason in the United States. We hope this book will help you to see the link between the past attacks on our democracy and the threats that we face today.

You will be glad you experienced T is for Treason: Traitors in America.


Table of Contents:

The History of Treason
Benedict Arnold
Richard Nixon
Ronald Reagan
George W. Bush
Donald J. Trump
The Enemy Within

The Art of the Steal


On one random day in March of 2022, at 3 am, Twitter showed 520 tweets on the topic of treason. Just for that one hour on one social media platform.

Treason is obviously a hot topic. There are so many books, news items, YouTube videos, newspaper articles, podcasts and television programs on the subject. But there are a lot of details left out or overlooked.  Once we uncover the missing pieces, we can begin to put the puzzle together and finally see the big picture.

Inside this book you’ll find several stories that you only THINK you know, only to discover that you were never taught some of the more sordid elements and details. You will also learn stories of treason that you’ve never heard before.

It has never been more critical to understand the history of treason in the United States. This important book will quickly show you the link between the past attacks on our democracy and the current threats we now face from our fellow citizens.

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